Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with US President Donald Trump was overshadowed by dramatic and unsettling events that preceded and followed their perfectly bizarre press conference

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WASHINGTON, Feb 16 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump’s nominee to be U

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The majority of players invited on an all-expenses paid trip to Israel have pulled out after coming to the conclusion that the government was using them to promote a political agenda and improve its image abroad

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President Donald Trump suggested he was no longer committed to a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in a joint press conference with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday

Trump Abandons Commitment To 2-State Solution In Press Conference With Netanyahu

Very few capital cities in the world witnessed scenes of joy on the eighth of November 2016, when Donald Trump was elected President, and nowhere there registered a bigger, louder sigh of relief than in Jerusalem

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GAZA, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Gaza’s ruling Hamas movement has chosen Yehya Al-Sinwar, freed in a 2011 prisoner swap with Israel after more than 20 years in jail, as its new chief in the Palestinian enclave following an internal election, sources close to the group said on Monday

Hamas Picks Hard-Liner As New Leader In Gaza