Some 4,000 people attend the ceremony, organizers say ■ Israel denied access to 225 Palestinian participants following stabbing attack last week

Dozens protest outside joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony

The president was speaking at a ceremony on Sunday evening at the Western Wall marking the beginning of Memorial Day

President Rivlin: Our existence in Israel comes at a price and we are prepared to pay it

Gilad Erdan says 920 prisoners still refusing food in protest at conditions, jails to set up four medical centers

Israel says 300 Palestinian inmates end hunger strike

Thousands of Israelis paused Sunday evening to mark the beginning of Memorial Day

Israel Remembers

Since 1949, terror attacks have cost the lives of 3,117 people; 97 IDF soldiers and injured veterans died in the past year

Israel’s annual Memorial Day begins for 23,544 killed by war

Restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs – the sites of terror attacks between 1997 and 2002 – are quiet or deserted, with only a street corner, a structure or a commemorative sign to recall what happened years ago

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