JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Within days of capturing East Jerusalem and the West Bank in the 1967 Middle East war, Israel was examining options about their future ranging from Jewish settlement-building to the creation of a Palestinian state

Israeli documents from days after war have familiar ring 50 years on

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip –  When Gaza's 2 million residents break their dawn-to-dusk fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, much of the territory is engulfed by darkness and homes have to rely on generators or batteries for the post-sundown family meals

Palestinian power struggle threatens further Gaza power cuts

AIPAC sounded the alarm when a popular president wanted to sell arms to the Saudis in 1981; now an unpopular president is doing the same with little resistance

Trump wants to sell lots of weapons to Riyadh. Why are Israel (and its friends) staying mum?

There has been no rallying the troops in the White House, and no open acknowledgement from President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, that he has transformed from behind-the-scenes West Wing powerbroker to its lead distracting story

Kushner tries to pretend everything’s normal

Director Eyal Sher says 56-year-old arts event not government approved despite government funding

Nudity and neon lights at annual Israel Festival

Vice president will address annual summit of Christians United for Israel in Washington in July

Pence to speak at Christian pro-Israel group’s annual summit

BAB AL-HAWA, Turkey-Syria Border –  Nikki Haley crouched low in the trailer of an 18-wheeler taping up a box of lentils and wheat for besieged Syrians, her hands-on diplomacy a world apart from the gleaming new NATO headquarters where President Donald Trump was debuting his "America First" doctrine overseas

From Nikki Haley, another side of Trump's 'America First'

Former governor will hold meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, will later attend Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva

American envoy to UN Haley to travel to Israel next week