BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban long proclaimed zero tolerance of anti-Semitism but has more recently risked angering Israel and Jewish people with remarks apparently courting radical right-wing voters ahead of 2018 elections

Hungary’s Orban courts far-right voters ahead of 2018 vote

NEW DELHI/TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Narendra Modi is making a first visit to Israel by an Indian prime minister next week, in a public embrace of a country that he has long admired for its military and technical expertise but which his predecessors kept at arm's length

India’s Modi heads to Israel, lifting the curtain on close ties

Israel's military says aircraft struck a Syrian military post that earlier fired a mortar into the Israeli-controlled side of the Golan Heights

Israel responds to Syrian spillover fire in repeat incident

After ultra-Orthodox lawmakers stormed out of an emergency meeting on conversion bill, deal reached seeking to give sides six months to find new compromise

Israeli government, Reform Jews agree to seek delay to contentious conversion bill

As the White House warned against a potential impending chemical attack in Syria, the U

Syria 'potentially' preparing for another chemical attack: A history of Syria's chemical weapons use

JERUSALEM –  Israel's prime minister says a bill that would enshrine ultra-Orthodox monopoly over conversions will be postponed

Israeli PM delays conversion bill that angered liberal Jews

The Israelites built God’s house, but only after terrible divine rebuke reformed their excesses of whoring and idolatry

Up Shittim Creek