Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has been drawn into Labour’s bitter anti-Semitism row after condemning Pink Floyd rock star Roger Waters for spewing ‘ideological poison’ about Israel

Pink Floyd star compares Israeli government to Nazis

The man, an Ivory Coast national, was jailed for refusing to be deported, but cannot find another country that will accept him together with his family

Israel preventing asylum seeker from meeting wife and daughter for 5 years

Three security guards at Ichilov were beaten by relatives of a disgruntled patient last week

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The body that should be soberly assessing the large picture is forgetting the bitter lessons of the 1973 Yom Kippur War

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Paramedics treat over 1,600 people throughout Israel on Yom Kippur

WWII structure converted to urban farm where vegetables are being grown using hydroponics and LED lights

Underground air-raid shelter feeding London restaurants

Tehran orders halt to diesel exports in retaliation for independence vote that it fears will inflame its own Kurdish population

Iran puts economic squeeze on Iraqi Kurds

With all of the island's 1,500 Jewish community members safe and accounted for, the next step is distributing food and water to those in need

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