Both countries have counted on getting special treatment by the new president, who has already shown that he is short on delivering promises

A not so special relationship: What Israelis can learn from Trump’s latest spat with the U.K.

Crown Resorts major shareholder voluntarily presents himself to AFP as a witness for Israeli authorities’ investigationBillionaire James Packer has been questioned by police in Australia over a corruption investigation involving Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is suspected of receiving luxury gifts from wealthy supporters

James Packer quizzed by AFP over Israeli PM corruption investigation

He traded in a 12-cylinder Ferrari for a herding staff, returning to the land of Israel the way he says his ancestors would have done, encountering spiritual highs and tragic lows

Meandering from Brooklyn to Samaria, Avraham Herzlich shepherded a dynasty

A community fundraiser and trivia night; Israel fair to explore education; readings for charity

Rank and File: A potluck community quiz night for Anglos in Israel

In conversation with Clinton supporter Haim Saban, Trump's senior adviser will speak about efforts to resume Israeli-Palestinian talks

In rare public remarks, Kushner to discuss peace push at DC confab

Half a dozen foundations backing Project Veritas also support Jewish and pro-Israel efforts, tax returns show

Some donors to US conservative provocateur also fund Jewish causes

The ministry aims to extend the trail - currently placed entirely within the green line - through Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights, and Jerusalem

Israel’s state sponsored boycott

At Saban forum, Kushner, Israeli leaders and prominent U

In first, Kushner to speak publicly about Trump peace efforts

By signing the presidential waiver, Trump will break his campaign promise on the matter for the second time since taking office

Trump expected to delay embassy move, but recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital