In interview from Tehran, 'Muhsan' says Iranians are rallying nationwide, and the suppressed protests of 2009 show they will only get their rights if the leadership goes

Iranian protester tells Israeli TV: The regime has to fall

Palestinians have reacted with fury to Trump's declaration on Israel's capital, and have said Washington will no longer have a role in peace process

PA recalls envoy to US for consultations after Jerusalem recognition

Most Jews in the UK would challenge the idea that there is much difference between antisemitism and anti-Zionism, says Joseph PearlmanMuch of Jonathan Rosenhead’s letter (29 December) was devoted to Israel and Palestine

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While most Likud ministers support the move, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not commented; however, he hasn't prevented the vote, which he did with contentious issues in the past

Netanyahu’s party votes for resolution calling on Israel to annex West Bank, increase settlements

The Israeli army wants to punish Ahed Tamimi ‘so all should see and fear

Joan of Arc in a West Bank village

The move follows Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Palestinians recall envoy to US

The move comes after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, prompting the Palestinians to reject Washington as a Mideast peace broker

Palestinians temporarily call back envoy to Washington for talks on U.S. relations

The Israeli leadership is sounding bullish about its deterrence factor in Gaza but trying to maintain radio silence over events on the streets of Iran

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Anyone leaking details of the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Company or new company with same name could face 15 years in prison

Former Israel-Iran oil company to continue operating in secret