This article is not a collection of ideas but a recipe for victory

How to defeat the expulsion

It's hard to believe that the people behind the deal to expel asylum seekers from Israel to Rwanda are the leaders of two peoples who suffered genocide recently

Genocide victims as refugee dealers

Crazy wife? Naughty son? Misbehaving backbenchers? Bibi gets to pose as the responsible adult, but Israelis are getting tired of the discord

Yair Lapid benefits from the looniness surrounding PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Following Israeli jawbone discovery, new report shows Homo sapiens may have existed in Asia as far back as 385,000 years ago -- though some experts are doubtful

Stone tools in India suggest earlier human exit from Africa

The tragedy of the great writer was his attempt, like many of ‘the 1948 generation,’ to straddle the fence, to be both moral and an occupier

Haim Gouri, shaper of Israel’s national memory

'MK Hazan seems to have made it his goal to unnerve some of the female and Arab MKs and incite female MKs to engage in a degrading, shaming discourse,' the Knesset committee deciding on the matter charged

Israeli lawmaker Oren Hazan temporarily removed from Knesset over ‘offensive statements’

Eden Alene, 17, of Jerusalem, supports coexistence with Arabs and hopes for greater acceptance of her community

Ethiopian-Israeli teen wins Israel’s ‘X-Factor’

The EU announced its own plan at the emergency meeting on Gaza, presenting a $53 million fund to 'preserve the Palestinian character' of E

Israel presents $1 billion rehab plan for Palestinians, but demands the Palestinian Authority take over Gaza

Speaker says he expects upper house to vote on controversial legislation that forbids attribution of Nazi crimes to Poles

Polish Senate debates Holocaust bill amid dispute with Israel