Israeli PM's comments come despite intense condemnation over army's use of live fire during Land Day protests in Gaza

Netanyahu praises Israeli army after killing of Palestinians

GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli troops shot and wounded about 70 Palestinians among crowds demonstrating at the Gaza-Israel border on Saturday, health officials said, after one of the deadliest days of unrest in the area in years

Israeli troops wound dozens on Gaza border as Palestinians bury dead from earlier violence

The new situation on the Israel-Gaza border has the potential makings of a third intifada

With riots and live fire, Gaza just went 25 years back in time

Diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini calls for 'independent and transparent investigation' into deaths of up to 18 during Friday's mass protests

EU urges probe into Israel’s use of live fire in Gaza border clashes

Gaza protest that descended into warfare leaves Palestinians crying for ‘revenge’ against Israel, whose forces claim there was ‘terrorist activity’The Gaza Strip is reeling from the bloodiest episode in years after Israeli forces killed more than a dozen people during demonstrations near the frontier

Weary, angry Gazans bury dead after deadly border conflict

COGAT head Yoav Mordechai says terror group funding a 'march of chaos' instead of investing in its own people

Hamas is your Pharaoh, Israeli military liaison tells Gazans

The leader of the United Nations is calling for a probe into clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian protesters in Gaza

U.N. head wants probe of deadly Gaza clashes

Lebanon, Iran and other nations may now be drawn into a spiral of conflictTightly wound and anticipating trouble, Israeli troops opened fire before the Gaza border protests had even begun

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