Abdelfattah Abdelnabi died after Israeli sniper shot him in the back while fleeing Gaza-Israel border, footage shows

Video shows Palestinian shot dead with back to Israeli snipers

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared Saturday a national day of mourning

Israeli Troops Wound 13 On Gaza Border, Day After Deadly Protest

The Gaza-Israel border was relatively calm on Saturday, a day after tens of thousands Palestinian protesters gathered and Israeli soldiers shot 773 people, killing at least 15, according to the Palestinian ministry of health, which said that  Gaza hospitals were running low on blood and overstretched by the huge number of wounded after one of the enclave’s bloodiest days outside of open war

Gaza-Israel border calm one day after deadly protests – video

Israel warned Saturday of a stepped-up response if violent protests in Gaza continued as the head of the United Nations called for an investigation into Friday’s deadly clashes in the volatile border zone

Israel vows expanded response if Gaza clashes go on as UN calls for investigation into Friday’s violence

GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli troops fired warning shots toward Palestinian youths gathered at the Gaza-Israel border on Saturday, wounding 13 people, health officials said

Israeli troops wound 13 on Gaza border, day after deadly protest

Gaza's terrorist rulers make no secret of their agenda

Just in case anybody forgot what Hamas’s ‘March of Return’ is really all about

According to the committee organizing the march, the Palestinian in the video is Abed el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi, 18, and was killed as a result of the shooting

Gaza footage shows protester shot in the back while running away from Israeli border wall

Turkey on March 30 “harshly” condemned the killing of Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli forces

Turkey condemns killing of Palestinian civilians on Gaza border

UN secretary general calls for an independent investigation into deadly clashes between demonstrators and Israeli soldiersGaza hospitals, running low on blood and overstretched by the huge amount of wounded, were reeling after one of the enclave’s bloodiest days outside of open war in which Israeli soldiers shot 773 people with live ammunition, according to the ministry of health

Palestinians hold day of mourning after 773 ‘shot with live ammunition’

GAZA (Reuters) - Dozens of Palestinian youths gathered by the Gaza-Israel border on Saturday, though the area remained mostly quiet, a day after deadly violence broke out in one of the biggest Palestinian demonstrations there in years

Violence subsides on Israel-Gaza border a day after deadly protest