When Trump deliberately avoided Roseanne’s racism, it confirmed again his lifelong contempt for people who are not white

When will pro-Trump Orthodox Jews stop defending our bullying, lying, racist president?

Under this law, settlements would not be able to give revenue to Israeli municipalities

Bill letting Israeli towns transfer industrial tax revenue to settlements moves forward

Deal allows for correction of textbooks as both countries face international criticism for treatment of Palestinians and Rohingya respectively

Israel, Myanmar agree to verify what is taught about each other

Tanya Rubinstein of Coalition of Women for Peace was on her way back from a conference in Sweden and was released after a half-hour

Shin Bet detains Israeli peace activist at Ben-Gurion Airport in unusual incident

How a principal of a Nablus school that's regarded as a model of academic excellence became an illegal alien after three decades in the West Bank

Israel’s ultimatum to a revered Palestinian principal and agent of change

The reason is the suffering in Gaza, not Hamas’ military ambitions, says the officer in the Southern Command

Time is now for deal with Hamas, senior Israeli military officer says

Israel sees an opportunity to push the Iranians away from the Syria border without risking war with them and Hezbollah

Israel, Russia discuss pushing Iran back from Syria’s border and Assad’s return to area

The managers were charged with accounts of negligent homicide - a rare occurrence in Israel, where fatal construction site accidents usually go without prosecution

Contractor, site manager arrested after worker falls to his death in Israel

article author: APAuthor: AFPID: 1527797554337740400Thu, 2018-05-31 19:45

UN Security Council delays vote on proposal to protect Palestinian civilians

Liberal Mideast advocacy group demands investigation of US envoy after he tells TOI West Bank communities not illegal and Republicans support Israel more than Democrats

J Street urges Senate to probe Friedman over comments on settlements, Democrats