According to the law enforcement officials, the Justice Ministry’s Keren Bar-Menachem sees her unit’s role as ‘providing a service to the police’

Israeli official for probing police misconduct is exceedingly lenient, sources say

Syrian and Russian forces drive into one of the country’s last rebel-held areas, sending 160,000 people fleeing toward Israel and Jordan

Syrian Assault Flouts U.S.-Backed Cease-Fire and Sets Off New Exodus

Israeli forces killed two Palestinians, including a 14-year-old boy, during protests at the Gaza border Friday, the Gaza health ministry said

Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians at Gaza border protest

Villagers also want to decide who gets to live among them so they can maintain their tribal laws and rustic lifestyle – 'we don’t want crime families to come here,' as one activist puts it

Like the kibbutzim, Bedouin in Israel’s north seek to preserve their way of life

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is asking a federal court to continue postponing setting a sentencing hearing for Michael Flynn, the former Trump national security adviser who pleaded guilty last year to a felony count of making false statements in the course of an FBI investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia

Mueller prosecutors still not ready to sentence Flynn

Yousef Alawnah describes 30 months behind bars in Israel like being at 'institute of education,' says other detainees in the region 'being held in dungeons'

Jordanian journalist ‘ashamed’ to compare Israeli prisons to those in Arab world

Israeli official tells Channel 10 Abbas's reluctance to take part in humanitarian efforts is hobbling Kushner, Greenblatt's attempt to build assistance plan

Report: UN, Washington struggling to raise foreign aid for Gaza

134 wounded in clashes near the Israel-Gaza border, Palestinians report, including 34 taken to hospitals

13-year-old boy shot dead by Israeli forces in Gaza, Palestinians report

Hezbollah leader claims Assad allies to triumph over 'terrorist forces supported by the US and Israel'; Jordanian official says truce reached in Daraa province

Amid reports of south Syria ceasefire, Nasrallah claims ‘big victory’ is near