A perusal of the sentencing on similar offenses detailed by the Nazareth court shows the there is a difference between Jews and Arabs when it comes to sentencing, to the detriment of the Arabs

Israeli Arab poet’s arrest proves Israel has separate laws for Arabs and Jews

Referring to Knesset majority that passed law, Arab jurist charges: ‘Apparently they don’t know that Arab society in Israel has been suffering for years from discrimination in many aspects of life, and from egregious inequality’

Ex-justice Joubran: Nation-state law should be quashed

Lately, the young men said, residents have been talking more about nation-state law than about events to the north

Pro-Assad or anti-Assad, Druze in Israeli Golan welcome end of war

Defense minister says more people have fled Zionist Union party than bombarded areas in Syria; opposition MK responds with a jab at corruption cases dogging Yisrael Beytenu

Liberman, Gabbay mock each other’s parties in Twitter flame war

The early attempts, which were struck down, display the theoratical basis for the Israeli intention to demolish the contentious Khan Al-Ahmar village and forcefully transfer its residents

Israeli military documents from the 70’s reveal attempts to force Bedouin into permanent homes

The interior ministry has denied the family's request over the father's criminal record, which dates back 12 years and had been expunged by Belarusia

Israel posing hurdles to family seeking aliyah over father’s expunged criminal record

The change would require the removal of an article in the charter of the Agudat Yisrael party, which is part of the United Torah Judaism alliance

Israel’s High Court recommends allowing women to join ultra-Orthodox party

eMusic seeks to raise $70m for blockchain music platform ■ Microsoft’s VC fund plunks down $12m for Israeli financial tech startup BlueVine ■ Real estate tech startup Skyline AI raises $18m

Israeli Cybersecurity firm Solebit gets picked up for $100m

Spokesperson for Israel’s military liaison to the Palestinians says event was 'exceptional' and that there is no intention to change security policies in the West Bank city

Armed, uniformed PA forces tour Israeli-controlled area of Hebron for first time

The Jewish minor from the so-called 'hilltop youth', a radical settler group, was accused of violating a military order banning him from the West Bank

Israeli court rejects charges that settler youth broke the law by entering West Bank