Palestinians called a general strike for Monday in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in support of an Israeli-Arab protest against Israel's Nation State Law

Palestinians to support Israel’s Arabs in general strike on Monday

Hamas delegation in Cairo for talks reconciliation deal and a possible long-term truce with Israel, as PA leader vows to impose further sanctions on the Strip

Hamas says Abbas is pushing Israel to launch a new war in Gaza

And the principal Italian, Albanian and Israeli celebrants of a remarkable project on a text almost entirely quoting men are all women

Muslim country, Catholic country, Jewish country celebrate Talmud at UN. No joke

Pro-Israel advocate Ofir Dayan says she worries about her safety after repeated threats and harassment from Students for Justice in Palestine

NY consul’s daughter: Columbia U not protecting me from Palestinian group

Another balloon defused on highway; after weekend violence, which army says was worst in two months, relative quiet returns to Israel-Gaza border

Incendiary balloons from Gaza spark two fires in south

Graham Jones overheard muttering 'tosser' at Mark Regev at a Labour Friends of Israel event during annual party conference

Police question UK Labour MP who insulted Israel envoy

Black pride, Israeli receptiveness to African music and an explosion of talent have combined to catapult a new generation of local singers and rappers to center stage

The Ethiopian music scene in Israel begins to take center stage