They maintain good relations with the Jews, are reluctant to visit Israel and Palestine, but identify with their brethren in the territories

Meet the Chilestinians, the largest Palestinian community outside the Middle East

Tehran strategic networks under attack, Hadashot TV says, hours after Israel revealed it tipped off Denmark about Iran murder plot, and days after Rouhani's phone was found bugged

TV report: Israel silent as Iran hit by computer virus more violent than Stuxnet

Municipal election results embolden camp of council chairs who prefer working outside of Yesha settlement umbrella body to advance policies on behalf of Israelis over Green Line

New leadership in West Bank could deepen cracks in settler unity

Why is Saudi Arabia singled out for harassment, a country that is itself fighting terror, is a partner to the battle against Iran and creates thousands of jobs in the West?

Saudi Arabia is a model country. So is Israel, naturally

Up to 50% of buyers of Moshe Kahlon’s reduced-price housing program for apartments end up renting instead of buying

Israeli finance chief’s plan to reduce housing prices falls short

Mamdouh Amro ran toward reserve officer Eliav Gelman with a knife, prompting Israeli soldiers to open fire, mistakenly killing Gelman ■ Amro said he was seeking to die himself, and had no intention of murder

Israeli military court acquits Palestinian of murder in attempted attack that resulted in death of IDF soldier

Organizers say measure due to 'regional complications'; jury protests by refusing to announce a winner for the best international feature film

Israeli film pulled from Iraqi Kurdistan festival competition