Population, Immigration and Border Authority says explosion of Anna Bogorz's kin, including her 5-year-old daughter, due to brother previously filing for asylum seeker status

Family of Moldovan caregiver who came for visit deported from Israel

Anatoly Altman was sentenced to over a decade of hard labor over his involvement in plan to leave Soviet Union

Soviet Jew who was part of 1970 plot to hijack plane and fly it to Israel dies

Everyone knows CNN fired contributor Marc Lamont Hill on Thursday after controversial remarks he made about Israel and the Palestinians at the United Nations, but the network isn't commenting on what exactly about Hill's comments led to his dismissal

CNN Silent When Pressed for Specific Reasons Behind Marc Lamont Hill’s Dismissal as Contributor

In his first interview since taking office, Damtew Dessalegne says he expected Israel, a country that took in Jewish refugees from around the world, to be more accepting of asylum seekers

New UN refugee representative: If Israel doesn’t act now, it will fail this generation

A whole generation of persecutors and violators is watching what’s happening in this country, but they’re keeping their hands in their pockets

Young Israelis don’t protest anymore

The nurse from an Isle of Man family would undergo both Reform and Orthodox conversions, but the Old Lion’s wife Paula never considered her a real Jew

Mary Ben-Gurion, Christian-born daughter-in-law of Israel’s first PM, dies at 94

News of visit by anti-immigration minister Matteo Salvini comes days after President Rivlin and leading European rabbi warn against cozying up to populist movements

Italy’s far-right deputy PM to visit Israel in December — report

Clip that appears to show satellite imagery and locations of strategic Israeli sites comes a day after an alleged Israeli strike on on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria

Hezbollah issues warning video to Israel: Attack and you will regret it

Investigation by Reuters finds over 70 news sites in 15 countries, with over a million online followers, have been disseminating pro-Tehran misinformation and propaganda for years

Iran duped Pakistan into Israel nuke threat as tiny part of huge fakery campaign

Speaking to the Israeli American Council, the vice president also declares that Trump is the most pro-Israel president ever

Pence on Airbnb settlement boycott: BDS has ‘no place’ in US markets