After lengthy delays, advocates welcome move to protect rights of workers 'who have been neglected for years and abandoned in death without anyone held responsible'

New police unit to probe spate of deaths at Israeli construction sites

The whole existence of Arab parties is to serve as a fig leaf that covers the nakedness of Israel’s so-called democracy

Arabs, boycott the election in droves

In a letter to Oz's family, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas writes that the late Israeli author was "a defender of just causes"

Palestinians pay homage to Amos Oz, ‘supporter of peace’

Critics say party chief Avi Gabbay hopes to keep candidates busy so they won't criticize him

Israeli Labor Party sets ‘late’ February 12 primary, drawing criticism from ranks

I will vaccinate my son so that your sick grandmother won’t catch the disease – so goes the ‘herd immunity’ effect, which is eroding in Israel

Israel should vaccinate for the common good

Despite decline in numbers, Israel continues to have highest proportion of poor people in the OECD

Israel’s poor worse off in 2017, says government report

Under law, which takes effect in a year and a half, the fine for the first offense will be 2,000 shekels and a third can lead to an indictment

Israel passes law banning the buying of sex

Madhat Abu Sanima confessed to training with terror group, planting bomb against Israeli troops and firing missiles and mortar shells at IDF posts

Hamas terrorist sentenced to 20 years for attacks, attempted attacks in Gaza

With a staff of six, some of them not even in Israel, the Hungarian-language newspaper Új Kelet is published every other month

After 100 years, Israel’s oldest newspaper turns to a new audience