Hussein al-Sheikh says priority of new government will be to put forward 'a contingency plan to confront' Israel’s recent move to withhold Palestinian tax funds

Abbas to appoint PM to lead new government ‘within days,’ Fatah official says

Rival rules out joining coalition if PM re-elected, says he should conduct his legal battle as a private citizen, can return to public life with head held high if proven innocent

Gantz appeals to Netanyahu to put Israel’s interests first and ‘resign’

Russian president says the Israeli leader is personally overseeing progress in nations' diplomatic relations

Putin hopes Israel ties will continue to grow despite Netanyahu’s ‘situation’

After attorney general decides to charge Netanyahu with bribery pending hearing, Likud denounces 'smear campaign' and left says PM should be jailed

Right defends Netanyahu, left celebrates: Israeli politicians respond to draft indictment

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's main rival in an April 9 election said on Thursday that he would not join the Israeli leader in any future coalition government given a possible corruption indictment against him

Netanyahu’s main election rival rules out future coalition with him

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday dismissed as a politically motivated "witch-hunt" an announcement of possible criminal charges against him by Israel's attorney-general, and vowed to clear his name

Netanyahu dismissed corruption allegations as baseless ‘witch-hunt’

The United Nations Human Rights Council has once again taken Israel to task over its reaction to guarding its Gaza border against the continuous threat of infiltration and attack by Palestinian protesters

Israel condemns UN Report on Gaza protests, says Human Rights Council ‘blinded by hatred’