Ahead of state party convention, progressives put forth draft resolutions condemning Jerusalem for stoking anti-Semitism and calling for rollback of Trump Israel policies

Far-left California Democrats want to link Israeli gov’t to Pittsburgh massacre

Stef Blok says anti-Israel activities, including calls for boycotting Jewish State, fall within freedom of expression and assembly

Dutch foreign minister defends diplomat promoting ‘one-state solution’

Deputy health minister says he’s merely providing a window for optometrists who practiced abroad and must pass Israel’s exam, but critics cite other motives

Israel’s health chief allows employment of unlicensed optometrists

BEIRUT – Lebanon's Hezbollah leader has rejected what he calls U

Lebanon's Nasrallah says his group has no missile factories

Hassan Nasrallah says all American forces and interests in Middle East will be annihilated if conflict breaks out, calls Trump peace plan 'a historic crime'

Hezbollah chief: Israel will ‘pay the price’ if US goes to war with Iran

article author: ReutersFri, 2019-05-31 22:44

Hezbollah leader says ‘it’s our duty’ to confront Trump’s Israel-Palestine deal

Peter Willsman, a member of the party’s National Executive Committee, said those within Labour complaining of anti-Semitism 'are people who are linked'

Senior U.K. Labour official suspended for saying Israeli embassy ‘whips up’ anti-Semitism claims

Leaders in Iran's small Jewish community participated in a series of anti-Israel rallies advocating the Jewish state's destruction on Friday, telling crowds of Iranian protesters that Trump's newly introduced Israeli-Palestinian peace plan is doomed to fail

Iranian Jewish Leaders Slam Trump Peace Plan as Tool of ‘Zionists’