Hezbollah chief also denies his terror group has precision missile factories, calling claims 'lies' to justify Israeli aggression

Nasrallah says response to drone attack ‘decided,’ Israel ‘must pay a price’

Lebanese terror group releases video threatening to attack northern Israel, warning 'do not relax for a second,' IDF spokesman to stay on in role past scheduled replacement date

IDF calls off major drill, puts forces on alert amid fears of Hezbollah attack

Hezbollah has enough precision-guided missiles in Lebanon for any confrontation with Israel, the Iran-backed movement's leader said on Saturday, denying Israeli claims that the group harbors facilities to build the weapons

Hezbollah has enough precision-guided missiles for confrontation: chief

Israel's military said on Saturday it had ordered extra forces to deploy its northern command as tensions remained high with Lebanon's heavily armed Shi’ite movement Hezbollah

Israeli military orders extra forces to Lebanon border area

Azzun wants to have a pretty entrance like the Jewish settlements do, but regulations which govern Palestinian Authority and Israeli relationship complicate a simple municipal task

Dual bureaucracy blocks construction in a Palestinian Village

Medics say 3-year-old girl and man in his 30s were most seriously injured in crash after week where 5 were killed in collisions

10 injured, 2 seriously, in major car accident in northern Israel