Shmuel Moriya regretted founding the undercover ‘mistarvim’ unit, whose members posed as Arabs and infiltrated Israeli Arab communities

Ex-spy who set up Zionist underground in Iraq dies at 95

Reported decision by State Department comes day after Israeli officials said diplomats had asked allies to condition funds on action against Hezbollah missile program

After Israeli plea, US cutting military aid to Lebanon — report

Hundreds of Israeli artists and illustrators will showcase their work in 79 exhibitions throughout the city's museum and galleries from November 21 to 30

Tel Aviv Illustration Week to feature dozens of colorful exhibits

'Futile treatment infringes on the patient’s right to put his affairs in order while he is still capable of doing so,' Israel Medical Association says in a paper addressing the treatment of terminal patients

Stop futile treatment, even if patient’s relatives insist, Israeli doctors say

Regulations approved by Justice Ministry say a body that receives money for farming volunteers cannot also receive money from Education Ministry

Israeli NGO operating in the West Bank financed by two ministries, against regulations

In interview, dictator says modern Israel does not exist and theorizes that raid on terror leader Baghdadi did not actually take place

Assad says Israel behind all anti-government forces in Syrian civil war

Iran’s hierarchy often rails against the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia as direct threats to its security and regional influence

Iran’s Leaders See Threats in Iraq and Lebanon Protests