The government said on Thursday it had asked WhatsApp to explain how the Israeli spyware “Pegasus” had been used to infect the phones of many Indian human rights activists, lawyers & journalists to spy on them & how the company would protect the privacy of Indians

Govt asks WhatsApp to explain breach amid phone snoop row

The 'Gravez' app uses drones and image processing tools to map over 1

The Israeli app offering turn-by-turn directions in cemeteries to find graves

Reports say projectile launched from Palestinian enclave lands in open field, without causing injury or damage

Iron Dome activated as Gaza rocket fired at southern Israel

More details soon

Israel intercepts Gaza rocket, no casualties reported

Investigation by The Times of Israel finds that Immigrant Integration Ministry posted stock images of people on Twitter with fabricated quotes

Israeli government posted fake successful immigration stories on Twitter, report says

State alleges US subsidiary of Israeli firm misrepresented benefits, risks of products that include fentanyl

Virginia sues Teva Pharmaceuticals over opioid crisis

Days after messaging app sues firm for alleged cyber-espionage, report says victims of hacking campaign include government and military officials

Israel’s NSO Group said to hack senior officials in US-allied states on Whatsapp