Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Saturday called for a “worldwide hackathon” to help Iranian citizens whose Internet has been shut down by the government in response to ongoing protests over an increase in fuel prices

Israel's defense minister calls for 'worldwide hackathon' for Iranian freedom to access social media

After decades of being virtually absent from historical discourse in Israel, its communities of Jews from Middle Eastern and North African lands are finally getting their due, albeit in a partial and revisionist way

Israel is rewriting the history of Middle Eastern Jews for propaganda

18-year-old said fatally hit near Hebron for endangering Israeli drivers, army says; two others arrested, taken in for interrogation

IDF troops shoot Palestinian suspected of lobbing firebombs at cars in West Bank

According to IDF, soldiers opened fire and hit one of three Palestinians throwing Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicle driving by West Bank village

Israeli army shoots 18-year-old Palestinian dead near Hebron, Ramallah Health Ministry says

article author: APReutersAuthor: Sat, 2019-11-30 21:49

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