Critics say 'absurd' illustration reinforces anti-Semitic tropes; cartoonist says 'Israel lobby' attacking him unfairly

Dutch daily’s cartoon shows Netanyahu behind Labour anti-Semitism scandals

Israeli aircraft attack terror group compound in northern part of Strip after projectiles fired into Israel, setting off sirens but causing no damage or casualties

IDF launches airstrikes against Hamas in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Head of Strand in southern Norway says symbol, used as Christmas holiday ornament, is too associated with Jews, Israel

Norwegian mayor asks church to take down Star of David decoration

Consumers in Israel dish out 20% more than last year's buying frenzy, snapping up discounted clothes, toys, electronics

Israelis spend over 750 million NIS on Black Friday shopping

Jewish group says caricature 'reaffirms the anti-Semitic stereotype that Jews are more loyal to Israel than countries where they live,' but artist stands behind his statement

Dutch daily slammed for ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon suggesting Netanyahu behind Labour scandal

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A new section of highway will go around a refugee camp; grape growers say it will block access to many of their vineyards

New Israeli bypass will bring settlement closer to Jerusalem and hurt Palestinian farmers

Democratic Camp chairman calls on attorney general to open investigation into allegations channel changed reporting in effort to receive license to broadcast in Israel

MK urges probe of i24news over report it tilted coverage to curry PM’s favor

The Israeli military targeted the Strip after a rocket was launched at a Gaza-border community, landing in an open area and causing no injuries

Israel strikes Hamas post in Gaza in retaliation for rocket fired at south

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Rocket siren blares in southern Israel