Midnight operation comes as Israel struggles to deal with infections in densely populated ultra-Orthodox city; sick to be quarantined in special hotels catering to religious needs

Bnei Brak evacuates 67 virus carriers to stadium, then to isolation hotels

Organizer of fundraising drive for Tamar Peretz-Levi's 4-year-old twins says he didn't expect to raise that much so quickly, with so many Israelis out of work during crisis

NIS 1.2 million donated for orphans of Lod woman who died from coronavirus

The Israeli musician spent the last week writing 'Keter Melucha,' working with fellow musicians from their home studios

Singer Ishay Ribo composes tune to lift Israeli spirits

In briefing, national security adviser says Israel focusing on curbing virus spread, increasing preparedness and enabling a gradual return to a new normal

Official: Lockdown may ease after Passover, but life to be ‘entirely different’

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Dow slides 410 points on final day of quarter

Finance Ministry to sell debt to international investors to pay for NIS 80 billion plan as businesses falter, unemployment skyrockets

Israel to issue first-ever 100-year bonds to help fund virus rescue package

No immediate comment from Israel; Syrian opposition says target of strike was al-Sharyat military airport used by Iran

Syrian media says Israeli war planes attack near Homs

Unnamed official tells news network territories cannot be separated in handling virus crisis; ex-director of Health Ministry: 'What happens there will happen here'

Health official says Israel may need to ‘medically annex’ West Bank

Israel can't afford it, says former Likud leadership contender, calling for public sector pay cuts to fund coronavirus aid

Sa’ar: Gantz should prevent ‘inflated’ unity government during time of crisis

With West Bank shuttered off, laborers say they don't know whether they'll be able to afford groceries in coming days; unionist suggests Israel can help alleviate crisis

Palestinians worry about expenses as virus blocks way to work in Israel