Israel Headline News was created to help you to find truth in news about Israel. For many years we have been disappointed with the bias that is often apparent in news coverage of Israel. We would find ourselves visiting multiple news sites for information about Israel and were often aghast to read headlines that provided a skewed view of the news.

We designed Israel Headline News so that in a matter of seconds, you can scan and compare the news headlines and stories about Israel and see how the news is presented. In a simple and easy to use format, Israel Headline News provides you with English language news feeds direct from over thirty news sources emanating from five continents. Spanning the political, geographical and cultural spectrum,  Israel Headline News presents you with most complete picture of Israel news as it happens.

Please check in with us often – the news is always changing and Israel Headline News is here to provide you the resources that you need to make the informed opinions and decisions about Israel.