Trump's announcement has caused turmoil between the Palestinians and the Israelis; 2 senior Palestinian officials say their leadership will not meet with Vice President Pence as previously scheduled

WATCH: Middle East clashes rise since Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

Thousands of Israelis have poured into the streets of Tel Aviv for an anti-corruption rally calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign

Thousands protest against Netanyahu, corruption in Tel Aviv

A powerful Iran-backed Iraqi militant commander has visited the Lebanon-Israel border expressing support for the Lebanese and Palestinians against the Jewish state

Powerful Iraqi militant appears on Lebanon-Israel border

A senior official has confirmed that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will not meet with U

The Latest: Aide to Abbas confirms he won’t meet with Pence

Gaza officials say two Hamas members have been killed in Israeli airstrikes following a rocket attack on Israel

Israeli strikes kill 2 Hamas men after Gaza rocket attack

Two days after President Donald Trump announced the U

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Israeli warplanes have struck Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian militants fired rockets into Israel

Israeli warplanes hit targets in Gaza Strip after rockets

Palestinians continue to revolt against Israeli occupation along the West Bank

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Along the West Bank, Palestinians continue their fight against Israeli military occupation

WATCH: Aug. 10, 1988: Palestinian uprising, known as the intifada, continues

AP Explains: The US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has sent shockwaves across the volatile region

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