Driving the streets of the West Bank, you see Israeli-issued street signs reading, in Arabic, "Urshalaym", the Hebrew word for Jerusalem instead of the Arabic namesake "Al-Quds"

Muting prayers is muting the Palestinian struggle


The impeachment of Park Geun-hye

Gaza City - From inside the Asayal Studio in Gaza City, five young musicians have made it their mission to convey an optimistic message about life in the besieged Palestinian territory

Palestinian rock band dreams of a brighter future

Mere days after Donald Trump won the US presidential election, American Zionists moved quickly to ensure that Israeli interests were fully guarded by the new administration

The uneven alliance: How America became pro-Israel

A law to muffle mosques' amplified calls to prayer in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem won preliminary approval on Wednesday in a charged parliamentary session where Arab legislators denounced the measure as racist

Muting mosque bill gets initial thumbs up in Israel


Mothers and children first

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Occupation of the American Mind

Gaza Strip - At 42 percent, Gaza has the world's highest unemployment rate - and while the rate of women in the workforce is only 15 percent, compared to 71 percent of men, many of them are trying to close the gap

Gaza's women of steel

Nazareth - Israel has given itself almost complete immunity from paying compensation in cases where its soldiers have killed, injured or disabled Palestinian civilians, an Israeli human rights group has warned

Israel denies redress to thousands of Palestinians

Lebanon and Israel have been involved in a maritime dispute regarding the exact location of their sea borders

The disputed gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean