When Iraqi Kurds a look around, they see potential enemies to the north, south, east and west

Why Israel supports an independent Iraqi Kurdistan

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Israeli Police say a gunman has killed three Israelis in an attack at a border crossing between an Israeli settlement and the West Bank


During his speech to the UN General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked President Donald Trump and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley while describing Iran as a nuclear threat to the world


President Trump says there is a good chance for peace between Israel and Palestine while meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly


The meeting between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to focus on Iran


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has harsh words for the Iran deal


The Syrian army says Israeli jets fired missiles at Syrian military targets near Masyaf, killing two army personnel


Israeli jets fired missiles at a military facility in Syria on Thursday, killing two army personnel, the Syrian army claimed

Israeli jets reportedly launch strikes on Syrian military facility

A pilot study is being done by an Israeli biomedical company for a cell therapy treatment for radiation exposure during a nuclear catastrophe