A huge Stone Age settlement unearthed outside Jerusalem may have been home to 3,000 people, the Neolithic equivalent of a large city, according to details released by the Israel Antiquities Authority on Tuesday

9,000-year-old settlement unearthed

An Israeli Cabinet minister has sparked outrage from politicians, medical professionals and the country's gay community by suggesting conversion therapy "is possible" and saying he "did it" in the past

Israeli Cabinet minister suggests gay conversion therapy ‘is possible’

Jeffrey Epstein is suddenly the biggest name in Israeli politics

Jeffrey Epstein scandal finds its way into Israel’s elections

Jason Greenblatt, a co-author of the Trump administration's proposal to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, said in an interview with CNN's Jeremy Diamond he doesn't believe Israel has done anything worth criticizing under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Germany's anti-Semitism commissioner has asked all citizens to wear the kippah in solidarity with the Jewish community, in the run-up to planned anti-Israel protests Saturday

Germans urged to wear Jewish skullcap

Madonna's hugely anticipated performance during the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel drew plaudits from the crowd but raised eyebrows among the show's viewers, as the pop legend mixed new material with a hugely popular classic and a noticeable political statement

Madonna adds politics to Eurovision performance

On April 11, the Israeli Beresheet spacecraft attempted to land on the moon in the ancient volcanic field called the Sea of Serenity -- but it crashed instead

This is where the Israeli spacecraft crashed into the moon

Australian rugby union star Israel Folau has been sacked after he posted an anti-gay statement on social media

Israel Folau fired after anti-gay Instagram post