Trump appointee Friedman triggers furore with break with traditional US policy

West Bank settlements ‘part of Israel’, says US ambassador

Attack west of Jersualem is the first serious incident in several months

Palestinian gunmen kills three at Israeli settlement

Recruitment by Israeli phama company follows approach to AstraZeneca’s Pacal Soriot

Teva hires Kare Schultz as new chief executive

Reports say jets hit a research facility that produces non-conventional and chemical weapons

Syria accuses Israel of bombing military facility

Son of Moroccan immigrants is surprise choice as leader of centre-left Zionist Union

Israeli opposition bets on millionaire to regain power

Five people had been held on suspicion of crimes spanning fraud to money laundering

Israeli police detain billionaire Beny Steinmetz

Businessman, known for deals in mining industry, taken in for questioning

Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz detained by police

Israeli drugmaker’s shares plunge after writedown of US division and dividend cut

Teva’s $6bn loss complicates search for a chief

Decision announced hours after Israel and Jordan reach deal to defuse tensions

Israeli metal detectors removed at Jerusalem holy site

Metal detectors placed after gunmen killed two Israeli police officers

Israel installs cameras at Jerusalem holy site