Intelligence indicates that the Iranian regime is using its terror proxy groups to conduct attacks on ships operating in the Strait of Hormuz, a critical Persian Gulf shipping lane that has become the center of international tensions as Tehran seeks to foment instability in reaction to President Donald Trump's efforts to strangle the hardline regime

U.S. Intel Warns Iran Plotting ‘Tactical Surprise’ Attacks in Gulf

John Hickenlooper's rollout of a national security plan called for climate change to be treated as a security issue, but the presidential candidate has avoided the topic of the recent U

Hickenlooper National Security Policy Avoids Energy Revolution

Al Jazeera's social media accounts published a video diminishing Jewish suffering in the Holocaust and cast Israel as the spiritual successor of the Nazis

Al Jazeera Publishes Video Questioning Holocaust Deaths, Calling Israel ‘Biggest Winner From the Holocaust’

The Trump administration has started to implement its multi-faceted plan to foster peace between Israel and the Palestinians, a process that will begin in June when Bahrain hosts a forum to promote economic development in key Palestinian territories, according to senior administration officials

Trump Admin Kicks Off Plan to Foster Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Whatever the opposite of a rush to war is—a crawl to peace, maybe—America is in the middle of one

Peace Fever

Outrage is mounting in the Jewish and pro-Israel communities at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee after a 26-year-old student at the school protested an event celebrating Israeli Independence Day with signs displaying swastikas and calls for Jewish students to be gassed, speech the university says is protected and cannot be stopped

Outrage After U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Calls to ‘Gas’ Jewish Students

Muslim leaders in Philadelphia apologized Wednesday after video emerged of children speaking in Arabic about beheading Jews at an event at a Philadelphia Islamic center last month

Philly Muslim Leaders Apologize After Video Emerges of Kids Singing About Decapitation

A coalition of lawmakers in Congress are considering a range of initiatives that would force the Trump administration to demand Poland resolve Holocaust-era claims before the United States agrees to host a permanent military base in the country that has come to be known as Fort Trump, according to multiple U

Congress: No U.S. Military Base for Poland Until It Pays for Nazi War Crimes

A pro-Republican super PAC is going after a group of first-term House Democrats for not condemning anti-Semitic rhetoric from far-left members of Congress, particularly after one dismissed the party's fringier members as "doing what is right for their districts

Congressional Leadership Fund Attacks Vulnerable Dems for Not Condemning ‘Hateful Comments’ by Omar, Tlaib