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Argentina Freezes Hezbollah Assets

House Democrats anonymously complained to CNN's Jake Tapper Wednesday about having to defend the "Squad" from President Trump when they feel the quartet aren't returning the favor

House Dems Anonymously Complain About Defending the ‘Squad’

MSNBC host Donny Deutsch went on a lengthy rant against President Donald Trump and his white supporters Wednesday, suggesting that another Holocaust was in the making under his leadership

MSNBC Host: ‘Every Single Playbook’ from Trump Suggests Another Holocaust

Freshman representative Ilhan Omar (D

Ilhan Omar Pushes Pro-BDS Resolution, Opposes Israeli Aid Bill

Joe Biden's campaign spent $5,300 to hire the services of a well-known public speaking coach just one day after his appearance in the first 2020 Democratic debate, which the former vice president was widely viewed to have lost to California senator Kamala Harris

Biden Campaign Hires Public Speaking Guru After Debate