The Washington Post issued a correction on Tuesday to one of its stories that claimed Native American activist and veteran Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War

WaPo Issues Correction About Native American Nathan Phillips Fighting in Vietnam

CNN commentator Angela Rye said she was "triggered" by Make America Great Again hats during a Tuesday night appearance on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time

CNN’s Angela Rye Compares MAGA Hat to KKK Hood: I’m ‘So Triggered’ by the ‘Hatred’ It Represents

After several media outlets walked back their reporting on Covington Catholic high school students' interaction with a Native American man during the March for Life, a New York publication attempted to smear the students by accusing them of wearing blackface

NY Daily News Accuses Catholic High School Students of ‘Blackface’ for Wearing Body Paint at ‘Blackout’ Game

Co-host of ABC's "The View" Joy Behar attributed the media attacks on a group of Catholic high school boys from Covington, Kentucky—after video surfaced this weekend showing a confrontation between them and an elderly Native American—to the media's dislike of President Donald Trump

Behar: Media Smeared Covington Catholic Boys ‘Because We’re Desperate to Get Trump Out of Office’

A Catholic high school in Kentucky remained closed Tuesday morning due to threats provoked by false media reports

Death Threats From Viral Misinformation Force Temporary Closure of Catholic School

Veteran journalist Tom Brokaw said Tuesday Republicans and Democrats in Congress bear equal blame for the partial government shutdown, chiding Democratic freshmen for indulging in "pep rallies" instead of governance

Brokaw Blames Both Parties for Shutdown, Knocks Young Dems ‘Running Through the Halls’

With Monday marking the ninth anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark decision on Citizens United v

Dem Rep Calls for Campaign Finance Reform After Benefitting From Super PACs, Special Interests

Michelle Alexander fancies herself a pioneer, heroically "breaking the silence" on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The New York Times’ Favorite Conversation