At least three police investigations revolving around bribery allegations threaten the Prime Minister’s political survival

Israeli politicians speculate Netanyahu wants to dodge corruption probes with snap election

During a brief press appearance, the issue of the Palestinians was tertiary, at best, which is a massive strategic gain for Israel, one that’s central to Netanyahu’s legacy

As Trump meets with Netanyahu, his Middle East peace plan is still an unknown

Israeli media report a longtime Netanyahu family spokesman agreed to turn state’s witness in return for full immunity

Netanyahu aide turns state witness as Israeli PM visits Washington

Israel’s involvement in Syria’s war has been low-key so far, but analysts and officials say it may soon join the conflict in a more overt manner

Israel’s mission creep in Syria raises nightmare scenario of wider war

Scott Israel also said reports that deputies waited outside while children needed urgent medical treatment were ‘absolutely untrue’

Florida sheriff says only one deputy was on scene during school shooting

Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital has sown discord between the U

U.S. to open embassy in Jerusalem in May

The officer was suspended without pay and placed under investigation, then chose to resign, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said

Armed officer on duty at Florida school never went inside to confront gunman: sheriff

Shlomo Filber’s decision to testify for the state against his former boss is a dramatic turn for Netanyahu

Confidant of Israeli PM Netanyahu turns state witness in corruption case: local media

The Israeli Prime Minister told the Munich Security Conference that the 2015 Iran nuclear deal was similar to the infamous 1938 agreement that Western powers signed with Adolf Hitler

Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran not to ‘test Israel’s resolve’