Readers react to a long read article on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movementThanks so much for running Nathan Thrall’s comprehensive article on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (‘Something needs to happen’, Journal, 14 August)

Diversity of responses to Israel boycott movement | Letters

Controversies such as the wreath row will keep happening unless the Labour leader defends himself candidly and in fullJeremy Corbyn did an event in Stoke last night, and a reporter interviewed some of the 400 or so supporters who had turned out to hear him

For Corbyn, precision and honesty are the way out of this wreath mess | Jonathan Freedland

Showing solidarity with Palestinians courts condemnation, while complicity in the Israeli occupation is seen as acceptableIn November 2004, Britain’s foreign secretary Jack Straw laid a wreath at the grave of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat

The Corbyn wreath ‘scandal’ is just an exercise in hypocrisy | Owen Jones

Court receives psychiatrist’s report on Malka Leifer, who faces 74 abuse chargesJerusalem’s chief psychiatrist has deemed Malka Leifer, a former headteacher wanted by Australian police on 74 charges of child sex abuse, psychologically fit to face extradition proceedings in Israel

Ex-teacher accused in Australia deemed fit for Israel extradition trial

Israel sees the international boycott campaign as an existential threat to the Jewish state

BDS: how a controversial non-violent movement has transformed the Israeli-Palestinian debate

Thousands protest new law that declares only Jews have the right to self-determinationTens of thousands of Arab Israelis and their supporters protested on Saturday in central Tel Aviv at a rally against a law that declares Israel the nation state of the Jewish people

Israel’s Arab minority rallies against Jewish nation-state law

The slaughter in Yemen and the Palestinian territories is happening with British arms and support – and media silenceWill not even the massacre of children in Yemen end the silence over the murderous complicity of the British government? They were little kids on a bus on the way back from a picnic, no doubt laughing and raucous as large groups of children tend to be, and then they were burned to death

Saudi Arabia and Israel are killing civilians – and Britain is complicit | Owen Jones

Three Palestinians killed and several Israelis wounded as hopes of reaching a truce fadePalestinian militants in Gaza have fired more than 180 rockets and mortars into southern Israel and the Israeli military has launched 150 airstrikes as weeks of on-off violence came to a head, stymying hopes of a truce

‘Terrifying night’ as Israel and Hamas trade airstrikes and rocket attacks

Barry Edwards suggests sticking to the home affairs committee formulation, Eliazabeth York notes the reservations of the IHRA definition’s author and David Thacker says the NEC has produced a legally binding codeI think I understand the reasoning behind the Labour NEC’s view that if some International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance examples were in a disciplinary code it might rule out any critique of Israeli government policies

Labour’s antisemitism code | Letters

The private Abrar Academy is pioneering a groundbreaking method of teaching the history of the Israel/Palestine conflictMore than 550,000 students took GCSE history this summer, says Michael Davies, a history teacher at Lancaster Royal Grammar, a selective state boys’ school in Lancashire

The Islamic school that ensures its boys understand the Israeli point of view