Pupils believe their bilingual school is proof that peace is possible between Palestinians and IsraelisIt’s mid-morning in grade one and children are sitting in small groups, peering over colourful maths books

Jewish and Arab students learn to cross divides at Jerusalem school

Hundreds protest in Tel Aviv after Rafi Peretz says gay conversion ‘therapy’ worksHundreds of demonstrators have called on Israel’s new education minister to resign after the far-right politician said he supported gay conversion “therapy” and had even attempted it himself

Israelis call for education minister to resign over gay conversion remarks

103 signatories including Peter Gabriel, Naomi Klein and Boots Riley condemn attempts in Germany to impose political conditions on artists who support Palestinian rightsWe are shocked that the Open Source Festival in Düsseldorf has disinvited the black American rapper Talib Kweli, leading to the cancellation of his Germany tour, after he refused to denounce the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights

Talib Kweli’s removal from festival lineup is part of anti-Palestinian censorship trend | Letter

Syria accuses Israel of ‘practising state terrorism’ after strikes reported to have killed at least 15 peopleSyria has accused Israel of “heinous aggression” after alleged Israeli airstrikes killed several civilians

Syria accuses Israel of ‘heinous aggression’ after airstrikes

A stray missile has exploded in mid-air over villages in northern Cyprus, thought to have been fired by Syrian forces in response to an Israeli attack

Stray missile from Syria-Israel clash lands in Cyprus – video

Russian-made missile crashes into mountainside overnight, setting hills ablazeA missile has struck Cyprus, skimming the densely populated capital, Nicosia, and crashing on a mountainside in what officials said could have been a spillover of an Israeli strike on Syria and a counter response

Missile from Syria-Israel clash lands on Cyprus

Regime says air defences confronted the attack, which was launched from Lebanese airspaceFour civilians have been killed and 21 injured in Israeli missile strikes near Damascus, Syria’s state news agency Sana has claimed

Syrian state media claims Israeli airstrikes hit sites near Damascus

Senior adviser to Trump found no interest in his proposals for ending Israel/Palestine conflictIn the end, the ‘deal of the century’ was little more than a failed clearance sale

Jared Kushner’s ‘deal of the century’ fails to materialise in Bahrain

Plan demands Palestinians put a price on their surrender or risk losing even more groundIn the long, lamented history of Israeli-Palestinian peace plans, rarely have expectations been so low

Kushner plan leaves Middle East deal seeming further away than ever

The derisive reception for the first stage of the US “peace plan” for the Middle East is deservedSome political performances illuminate an issue; others, like this week’s charade in Manama, Bahrain, are meant to conceal

The Guardian view on Trump and Israel-Palestine: the reality behind Kushner’s fantasy | Editorial