Scott Morrison is in damage control after key allies warn Australia against moving its embassy to Jerusalem

Government defends Israel embassy move ‘discussion’ – politics live

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison suggested  he is considering moving Australia’s embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Australia may follow US and move consulate to Jerusalem – video report

Yehuda Avivi, an Israeli embassy spokesperson, defends his country against the charge of being an apartheid stateBy adopting an extreme anti-Israel position, ANC MP Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela (My grandfather Nelson Mandela fought apartheid

Israel and Nelson Mandela’s moral legacy | Letters

Jewish community’s byelection forum dominated by Israel, climate change and refugee issues The surprise announcement by the prime minister, Scott Morrison, on Tuesday that Australia may relocate its embassy to Jerusalem appears to have divided Wentworth’s Jewish community, a forum on Tuesday night suggested

Wentworth divided by possible move of Australian embassy to Jerusalem

Officials lobby Arab countries to reassess ties after Scott Morrison considers moving embassy from Tel Aviv to JerusalemA senior adviser to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has accused Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, of destroying the chances of Middle East peace in order to win a byelection, after Morrison said he might recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Palestine accuses Australian PM of jeopardising Middle East peace

Diplomatic anger and trade threats at Scott Morrison’s announcement that a shift was under consideration• George Browning on the suggestion to move Australia’s embassy to JerusalemRepresentatives from 13 Middle Eastern and North African embassies in Australia have condemned Scott Morrison’s signal that the Australian embassy could be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, declaring it a “fatal mistake” that could lead to a breakdown in economic relations with Arab and Muslim nations

Moving Australia’s embassy to Jerusalem a ‘fatal mistake’, Middle Eastern envoys warn

The timing of this major policy shift has clearly been influenced by the Wentworth by-electionWhile the timing of Scott Morrison’s announcement that he is considering moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem was clearly influenced by the Wentworth by-election, it is in relation to wider international developments that it needs to be understood

Suggesting to move the Australian embassy to Jerusalem is anti-Palestinian partisanship | George Browning

Liberal candidate says announcement linked to upcoming United Nations vote, not the Wentworth byelectionAustralia’s sudden shift in policy on relocating its embassy to Jerusalem would not undermine Australia’s security, the Liberal candidate for Wentworth, Dave Sharma, has said

Dave Sharma says Jerusalem embassy move would be no threat to Australia

Australia’s prime minister is open to the idea but says he remains committed to a two-state solution

Australia mulls Jerusalem embassy move: what happened and why it matters

The Coalition’s anxiety about the Wentworth byelection has escalated and the PM is governing only from minute to minuteScott Morrison hasn’t stopped moving since taking the prime ministership from Malcolm Turnbull seven weeks ago

Morrison’s desperate embassy stunt is a silly idea designed for him to cling to power | Katharine Murphy