Survey finds that clauses favoring investors remain much more common in Israel than in Silicon Valley

Startups face roadblocks despite record fundraising

Left-wing organization Ir Amim had field a petition to bar the annual march from passing through the Muslim Quarter due to it coinciding with the final days of Ramadan

Israeli court rejects petition to bar religious Zionist march from Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter

Community leaders point finger at 'racist Netanyahu government' ■ 24 Arab citizens have been killed in Israel since the beginning of the year

Arab communities protest failure of Israeli police to fight organized crime

Government team tasked with examining the idea has quietly recommended against it, so as not to offend Beijing

Resisting U.S., Israel won’t form body to vet foreign investment

Even if Trump's instinct tells him it's best to avoid war, no one can be certain of his intentions - not even Netanyahu

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The possibility of closing the Bab al-Mandab and Hormuz straits pose a threat no less serious than those from Tehran and Hezbollah

U.S.-Iran escalation contains a different kind of strategic threat for Israel

Hospital denies having any such procedure of treating the observant first, says it’s committed to helping those who care keep Shabbat

Israeli hospital rabbi told ER to prioritize religious patients ahead of Shabbat

The documents apparently went missing from the Tel Aviv home of Brod's former secretary, Esther Hoffe, some 10 years

Germany to return stolen Max Brod manuscripts to Israel

The drafts were written by Jerusalem lawyer Mordechai Beham in 1948 and put up for auction by his sons - starting at a quarter million dollars

Drafts of Israel’s Declaration of Independence cannot be auctioned, top court rules

Former Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade leader Zakaria Zubeidi and lawyer Tarek Barghout carried out two shootings and planned another, Israel's Shin Bet security service says

Palestinian ex-militant and lawyer charged with carrying out West Bank terror attacks