No injuries were reported although residents said they heard the sound of explosions

One rocket launched from Gaza hits southern Israeli town of Be’er Sheva

No injuries were reported although six people received treatment for shock after the explosion ■ The Israeli army said a second rocket fell in the sea

Rocket launched from Gaza hits house in southern Israeli town of Be’er Sheva

The United States, Israel and Australia voted against the move, which is seen as allowing the Palestinians to act more like a full UN member state during meetings in 2019 when they will chair the group

Palestinians win vote to chair group of 77 developing countries at United Nations

Weinroth's death impoverishes the legal world and Israeli society as a whole

Jacob Weinroth, Netanyahu’s late lawyer: A polymath and a model advocate who loved people

In a record exit, the cyber-consultant’s owners will reap more than 50 times their initial investment in the sale to Temasek, a source says

Singapore investment giant buying Israeli cybertech firm Sygnia for around $250 million

Street signs in Ramle show a woman wearing a hijab, reading: 'Only a strong Habayit Hayehudi can preserve Jewish Ramle' ■ Habayit Hayehudi's national branch says that 'national character must be preserved but preserve an honorable campaign style'

‘Tomorrow it could be your daughter’: Right-wing party campaigns on anti-assimilation in central Israeli town

This year, 40 Arabs were murdered from January through August, while 77 such murders occurred in 2017 and 66 in 2016, said Israeli police commissioner Roni Alsheich

Murders in Arab community are falling but future uncertain, says Israeli police chief

This is not the first time Amazon representatives have visited Israel in an effort to improve service

Amazon reps in Israel to meet with local delivery companies

Committee says secretary general spoke with Gil Fridman and offered organization's help with any financial difficulties

Israel’s Olympics Committee asks Gal Fridman, country’s only gold winner, to reconsider plan to sell medal

Talia Einhorn, who serves on a committee that vets senior civil service appointments, is accused of misrepresenting her credentials

Member of Israel’s civil service panel claiming to be professor lacks doctorate