The Israeli military said it struck dozens of Iranian targets in Syria on Nov

Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria; 11 reported killed

'Fait accompli style declarations shall have no validity with respect to international law,' says Turkish foreign minister

Turkey slams US policy shift on illegal Israeli settlement

US reversed course on its position regarding Israeli settlements built in the occupied West Bank

US: Israeli settlements don’t violate int’l law

A cease-fire was reached in Gaza on Nov

Cease-fire reached in Gaza after spike in violence

An Israeli air-strike killed a Palestinian gunman and Gaza militants fired rockets into Israel as a spike in violence edged into a second day

Israel kills Gaza gunman, militants fire rockets

Israel killed a top commander from the Iranian-backed Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad in a rare targeted strike in the Gaza Strip

Israel kills Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza

Israel's decision to construct more than 2,300 new settler homes in occupied Palestinian territories was mockingly ignoring international law, Foreign ministry said

Turkey slams Israel’s approval of settler homes

The European Union on Nov

EU calls on Israel to end illegal homes in West Bank

An exhibition of model houses featuring the historic Istanbul houses opens at the Turkish Cultural Center in Israeli city of Tel Aviv

Istanbul houses exhibition opens in Tel Aviv