Some officials say that a joint American-Israeli strategy is evolving — some might argue regressing — to a series of short-of-war clandestine strikes

Planned for a Year and Bigger Than First Thought: The Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Program

A Middle Eastern intelligence official said Israel planted a bomb in a building where advanced centrifuges were being developed

Iran Nuclear Program Set Back Months; Bomb Used, Official Says

The United States has put the ambassador to Israel’s Malibu-style seaside estate on the market

5 BRs, Pool/Hot Tub, Mediterranean Vu; Too Far to Commute to Jerusalem

A scholar of European fascism (and a bomb attack target), he feared ultranationalism in Israel and saw West Bank settlements as “a cancer

Zeev Sternhell, ‘Super Zionist’ Wary of Extremism, Dies at 85

The partnership would be a rare public opening between two key United States allies in the Middle East, and a step toward normalization

Israel Announces Partnership With U.A.E. to Fight the Coronavirus

Unilaterally taking territory the Palestinians have counted on for a state could cement Benjamin Netanyahu’s legacy

As Annexation Looms, Israeli Experts Warn of Security Risks

In a watershed op-ed article, an influential Arab diplomat warned, in Hebrew, that normalization with Israel would not survive a unilateral land grab at the Palestinians’ expense

Arab Envoy Warns Israelis That Annexation Threatens Warming Ties

Palestinian landowners will now be able to move ahead with lawsuits to recover privately owned property on which nearly 4,000 Jewish homes had been built in the occupied West Bank

Israel Court Rejects Law Legalizing Thousands of Settlement Homes

Officials in the West Bank say they are willing to let the Palestinian Authority collapse if Israel applies its sovereignty over occupied territory

The Palestinian Plan to Stop Annexation: Remind Israel What Occupation Means