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In Blow to Haley, U.N. Rejects Measure Condemning Hamas

Critics say the Israeli prime minister, battling for political survival, over-dramatized an anti-tunnel military operation to distract from his predicament

Suspected of Crimes, Netanyahu Is Also Suspected of Fear-Mongering

Called Operation Northern Shield, it seeks to prevent Hezbollah from shifting a future battlefield inside Israeli territory

Israel Begins Anti-Tunnel Effort Along Its Border With Lebanon

The decision by the governing body for international chess is an image setback for the kingdom, which denied visas to Israeli players in 2017

Saudis Disqualified from Hosting Chess Match After Israelis Complain

Israel’s prime minister faces corruption accusations arising from his efforts to control his portrayal in the news media

News Analysis: Netanyahu’s Obsession With Image Could Be His Downfall

The Israeli prime minister faces possible bribery and fraud charges stemming from three separate corruption investigations this year

The Corruption Cases Against Netanyahu

A Saudi dissident based in Canada claims the Saudi government planted spyware in his phone to eavesdrop on his talks with Jamal Khashoggi

Israeli Software Helped Saudis Spy on Khashoggi, Lawsuit Says

For the third time this year, the prime minister is accused of corruption

Israeli Police Urge Bribery and Fraud Charges Against Netanyahu. Again.

Lucy Aharish, a TV anchor, and her husband, Tsahi Halevi, an actor, deflect condemnation from politicians and angry strangers with humor and song

Hate Mail and Conversion Advice: Interfaith Couple Caught in Israel’s Fault Lines

The 19-year-old from southern Israel was a minor when he began his campaign of terror, which forced school evacuations and grounded planes

American-Israeli Teenager Is Sentenced to 10 Years for Bomb Hoaxes