Shortly before Donald Trump’s first international trip as president in May 2017, two Washington-based security contractors dined at the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh as U

‘A potential gold mine’ for Trump’s summit planner

Nearly 20 human rights groups defended the United Nations Human Rights Council and disputed U

NGOs to Nikki Haley: Not our fault U.S. left U.N. Human Rights Council

WHAT A WEEK … THE TICK TOCKS … -- ELIANA JOHNSON, ANNIE KARNI and NANCY COOK: “Trump's quick fix on family separations unleashes internal tensions”: “Facing an unprecedented outpouring of public outrage this week over the separation of migrant families at the border, President Donald Trump did what he usually does when he wants a quick fix: Asked for an executive order

The palace intrigue and backstories on Trump’s week dealing with the border

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley on Wednesday blamed human rights groups for the Trump administration's decision a day earlier to withdraw from the U

Nikki Haley casts blame on NGOs for U.S. withdrawal from rights council

The United States is expected to announce Tuesday that it will withdraw from the U

U.S. expected to withdraw from U.N. human rights council

TOP STORY … THE BORDER … “‘Grim sight’: Migrants await uncertain future at strained Border Patrol facility,” by Elana Schor in McAllen, Texas: “Sitting on government-issued green mattresses and huddled under Mylar sheets, more than 1,100 migrants awaited an uncertain future at a U

POLITICO Playbook: Politics at the border

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer is often referred to as “Bibi’s brain,” for his close relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Where Jared’s words came from

GOP’S 2018 PROBLEM, ENCAPSULATED: DES MOINES REGISTER FRONT PAGE: “COST OF TARIFFS BEGIN TO ADD UP FOR IOWA FARMERS: State could lose up to $624M from soybean sales to China” http://bit

Trump’s tariff problem

Last October, the U

Trump ambassador blocks scrutiny of Israel

From the beginning of his presidency we have found most of Donald’s Trump foreign policy initiatives to be imprudent, unwise, unduly politicized and almost willfully counter to America’s national interests

Why Trump Was Right to Sit Down With Kim Jong Un