Gal Fridman took the gold in windsurfing at the Athens Olympics in 2004, looking for an auctioneer to handle the sale

Israel’s only Olympic gold medalist auctioning his medal, needs the money

IDF says it investigating to see if there were any launches from the nearby Gaza Strip

Rocket sirens blare in Beersheba, southern Israel

Global Competitiveness Report's assessment of how economies are faring in Fourth Industrial Revolution puts the Startup Nation at No

Israel gets top marks for innovation, entrepreneurship in WEF report

General Assembly votes extra powers for Ramallah for duration of its presidency of Group of 77, a bloc of 134 nations; Israel, US and Australia opposed

UN votes to give ‘Palestine’ extra rights as it heads major bloc in 2019

While David Friedman praises efforts of Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce, he stands by US decision to cut funding to West Bank coexistence programs, which stifled its budget

US envoy looks to boost Israel-Palestinian business cooperation in West Bank

IDF says around 100 protesters clash with troops along boundary; several cross into Israeli territory but return when soldiers fire warning shots

Palestinians use explosives to damage Israel-Gaza border fence

Measure would see some $50 million put into local businesses as a way to counter massive aid cuts made by the Trump administration

Pro-Israel Congress members push bill for investment in Palestinians

Israeli company, which lets customers add carbonation and flavor to tap water in reusable soda bottles, calls for an end to single-use plastic

SodaStream launches ocean plastic cleanup effort in Honduras

Cairo has recently undertaken efforts to advance intra-Palestinian reconciliation and a possible ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Senior Egyptian intelligence official arrives in Gaza for talks

By studying chemical traits in the bones of gilthead seabream found in Israeli archaeological sites, scientists have unearthed the oldest known example of intensive fish farming

Ancient fish teeth reveal intensive 3,500-year-old aquaculture in Sinai