The American-raised son of an Israeli, author Oren Jay Sofer found spirituality later in life and has now written the book on how our universal human needs can help us connect

Say what you mean: A Jewish Buddhist’s key to nonviolent communication

Decision to come five years after former principal was nabbed in Israel, due to Australia's extradition request on 74 charges of sex abuse

Final ruling on Malka Leifer’s fitness for extradition set for September

As MKs consider limiting court's powers and granting politicians greater immunity, Israel's most influential lawyers threaten to shut down courts in 'a fight for our home'

Top attorneys launch campaign to ‘save the High Court’ from right-wing lawmakers

Official tells Channel 13 Jerusalem likely to accept offer to attend summit on Washington's Mideast peace plan; PA rejects conference

US invites Israel to Bahrain confab on Palestinians – report

Terror group will halt violence along border; in return, Israel to widen fishing zone, negotiate various improvements to civil life, Channel 12 reports

Israel, Hamas said to agree to six-month ceasefire in Gaza

New kits will screen for genetic markers linked to 29 separate conditions, from heart disease to Tay-Sachs, but not in Israel, where private testing is not allowed

Israeli genealogy company MyHeritage takes on DNA health screening

Member of Estonian delegation says he's heard of another guest who went through extensive questioning; Israel Airports Authority says laptop produced 'suspicious finding'

Eurovision official says he was mistreated at airport: ‘Never want to come back’

Fearful of forest fires, authorities issue restrictions on bonfires during this week's holiday

Ahead of heat wave, Israelis urged to hold their fire on Lag B’Omer

Gaza officials say Hamas men were aiming a shoulder-mounted missile when they were hit in an Israeli airstrike

Hamas tried to down an IDF helicopter during fighting this month – report

Other than Likud voters, majority of public think PM should step down if indicted

Poll finds 56% of Israelis don’t support Netanyahu immunity bill