In uniting, Gantz and Lapid have potentially upended years of political predictability

After a decade of Netanyahu, Israel finally has a real election contest

Privacy group says attorney general blocking investigation into use of surveillance software developed by NSO Group against journalists, lawyers and activists

Watchdog says Mexican government obstructing probe into use of Israeli spyware

Mohammad Javad Zarif accuses Jerusalem of 'adventurism,' with its campaign of airstrikes against Iranian targets in Syria and cautions situation could deteriorate

Iran says it cannot rule out possibility of war with Israel

Derek Hatton, a former Liverpool council leader who headed extreme-left wing group, tweeted in 2012 that British Jews needed to denounce Israel

UK’s Labour suspends activist for anti-Semitic tweet

Netanyahu's office says French president told the premier his country will adopt the IHRA's definition of anti-Semitism, which includes expressions of anti-Zionism

Macron tells PM France will adopt definition of anti-Semitism mentioning Israel

Gesher leader blasts retired general's behavior during alliance talks, says he failed the 'credibility test'; Israel Resilience party says it respects her decision

Levy-Abekasis: No merger with Gantz after his ‘weird, hallucinatory’ behavior

Researchers at Tel Aviv University say their new noninvasive procedure to find chromosomal abnormalities has a 'much higher resolution' than methods used today

Israeli team develops way to find genetic flaws in fetus at 11 weeks

The 'Rocks' air-to-ground missile billed as a cost-effective weapon to destroy protected underground targets; the Mini-Harpy can stay in air for 2 hours before flying into a target

Israeli arms makers unveil new bunker buster and suicide drone in India air show

A New York Times photo essay looks at the new generation of Yemenite Israelis demanding answers for families who say their children were abducted by the state in the 1950s

The disappeared children of Israel

With diplomatic ties at a peak, Budapest is intent on winning over the Israeli public with a cavalcade of events including operettas, ballet, theater, art and yes, goulash as well

Danube days: Hungary launches culture year in Israel with song and dance