Ramat Hashofet, or Judges Heights, becomes Ramat Hashofetet to honor deceased Supreme Court justice

Israeli kibbutz tweaks its name to pay tribute to RBG

Iranian president implies rebuke for Arab nations warming their ties with Israel: 'We never made a deal over the Holy Quds'; Macron opposes Trump's 'maximum pressure' policy

Slamming new US sanctions, Rouhani at UN likens Iran’s plight to George Floyd’s

The ring, which looks similar to a bottle cap with a hole, clasps onto the cervix and keeps it elongated and closed even with contractions; clinical trial underway

Israel’s PregnanTech creates silicone ring to help halt premature births

Jewish state joins Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and the Palestinian Authority to formalize East Mediterranean energy club; Turkey left in cold

Israel joins new regional forum in hope of selling gas to Europe

Turkish president, whose country maintains ties with Jewish state, goes after recent peace deals in speech Israel's UN envoy blasts as 'anti-Semitic'

Erdogan assails Israel’s ‘dirty hand’ in Jerusalem, prompting Erdan walkout

US president spends most of General Assembly virtual address railing at Beijing for unleashing 'China virus' on world, calling on international body to hold it accountable

Trump at UN: Other countries ‘coming fast’ to make peace with Israel

Hundreds of Jews ignored warnings from Ukraine that they would be denied entry because of coronavirus concerns, and attempted to cross by land from neighboring Belarus

Frustrated pilgrims blame Israel government for Ukraine border ordeal

Reuters report says one idea to uphold Israel’s military edge is to give it tech to detect stealth planes; Gantz in Washington for talks on controversial arms deal

US, Emirates said to seek an F-35 sale agreement by December

Most Saudis still view Palestinian statehood as a prerequisite for formal relations, but state-backed media and clerics are signaling change is underway

Saudi Arabia on road to ties with Israel, but not quite there yet

Yamina chief compares Netanyahu unfavorably to former Israeli leaders; Lapid says Israel no longer a functioning country

Bennett: PM distracted, showing lack of leadership, blaming everyone but himself