Firefighting jets from Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Italy arrive in Israel for backup ■ Segment of highway 443 closed in both direction

Emergency forces continue to battle wildfires as heatwave intensifies

The university changed its mind after the Association for Civil Rights in Israel appealed the decision, arguing that since the university is not funding the Nakba commemoration event, the 2011 Nakba Law does not apply

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Maud Mandel of Williams College says 'transcript of debate and vote indicate that the decision was made on political grounds'

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Ride-hailing startup expects to list in London on Tel Aviv

Israeli taxi startup Gett raises $120m as it eyes IPO

By every indication, Israel will be giving Hamas exactly what it had committed to a month and a half ago, but the army is already discussing prospects of a broad military campaign in the coming months as rather reasonable

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