French President Emmanuel Macron urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to move forward with plans to annex portions of the West Bank in a phone conversation late Thursday

Emmanuel Macron urges Benjamin Netanyahu against annexation

Benny Gantz, Israel's defense minister, entered quarantine Wednesday after learning he had been in contact with a person who was confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus

Benny Gantz goes into quarantine in Israel

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call Wednesday Palestinians are ready to revive peace talks with Israel with help from other countries

Mahmoud Abbas tells Vladimir Putin Palestinians want to negotiate with Israel

Israel launched a new spy satellite into orbit on Monday, saying it will bring enhanced surveillance capabilities

Israel launches Ofek 16 spy satellite into space

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided against starting plans Wednesday to annex parts of the West Bank, although he'd previously given July 1 as the target date to begin the controversial process

Israel consulting U.S. after missing target to begin annexing parts of West Bank

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing to weigh his options in pushing ahead with plans to extend Israeli sovereignty over territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 war

Israeli annexation of West Bank would spark ‘diplomatic tsunami’

Soldiers guarding Jewish visitors to the holy site of Joseph's Tomb in the West Bank clashed with protesters Tuesday amid controversial plans by Israel to annex portions of occupied territories there

Troops, Palestinians clash as Israel prepares to annex in West Bank

Israeli officials in the occupied territories of the West Bank are preparing to conduct a population census of Arabs living in areas slated for annexation, Israeli media reported Thursday

Israel to conduct census of West Bank Palestinians ahead of annexation

The European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday French justices wrongly convicted "Boycott Israel" activists who protested at a market and were prosecuted

EU court: Anti-Israel activists wrongly convicted in France

Officials said Tuesday the Palestinian Authority will declare a new state based on lines that were drawn before the Six-Day War in the 190s, if Israel goes through with plans to annex part of the West Bank

PA to declare Palestinian state if Israel annexes parts of West Bank