JERUSALEM – In his first on-camera interview since taking up his position this year, U

U.S. ambassador breaks with policy: ‘I think the settlements are part of Israel’

IRBIL, Iraq — Blue and white Israeli flags have become a common sight in the Kurdish regional capital, Irbil

Kurds say they have no friends but the mountains. Now they have Israel, and that could cause them grief.

On Monday, Iraqi Kurds will go to the polls to decide whether to seek independence from Iraq

Are Kurds more like Jews or Palestinians? It depends on who you ask.

As Friday's attack on the London Tube reminds us, public transit is a plum target for terrorists

Is it even possible to protect a public transit system from terror?

שרשרת המזון Posted by Yair Hun on Friday, September 8, 2017 JERUSALEM – Israeli leaders and political commentators reacted with anger and bewilderment Sunday after Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, posted a classic anti-Semitic meme on his Facebook page

Netanyahu’s son posts classic anti-Semitic meme, drawing praise from neo-Nazis

JERUSALEM — It might be one of the more tense corners of the globe, but residents of the Holy Land can never resist the opportunity for a good laugh

Conan O’ Brien is in Tel Aviv, and Israelis are loving it

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Jared Kushner’s quest for peace looks increasingly doomed

As neo-Nazis and white supremacists marched through Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us,” one may have expected Israel’s response to be swift and unequivocal

Israel’s response to Charlottesville hasn’t been as clear as you might have expected

JERUSALEM — President Trump’s ambitions of building a wall along the U

‘I’m going to build you a brother’: Murals on West Bank walls troll Trump over his Mexico border wall plans

It has never been a particularly well-kept secret that Israel has conducted clandestine airstrikes in Syrian territory over recent years

Netanyahu accidentally reveals Israel has struck Iran-backed fighters in Syria ‘dozens of times’