JERUSALEM — Israelis are not known for their fondness of the United Nations and its institutions, but a resolution passed Friday questioning Israel’s continued occupation of the ancient West Bank city of Hebron and the damage it might be causing to holy sites there drew an angrier-than-usual response: “Sorry … I have a very urgent […]

Israeli diplomat says UNESCO resolution is less important than fixing his toilet

Just one week after a hush-hush visit to Washington, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first in his position to visit Israel — and it was anything but subdued

Modi and Netanyahu stroll the beach barefoot, capping sunny visit

JERUSALEM — Israelis have never hidden their love and admiration for President Trump, but now it's official — or at been least scientifically proven

It’s official: Israelis love Trump

    JERUSALEM — Israel’s minister for intelligence, Israel Katz, has been talking for a while about creating an artificial island off the coast of Gaza to allow imports and exports to reach the besieged strip — as well as a way in or out for its residents

Israel is still floating a plan for Gaza island. And now there’s a video.

TEL AVIV –  Gideon Saar's modest Tel Aviv apartment, filled with colorful children's toys and noisy teenagers, offers little indication that his life's ambition is to become Israel's prime minister one day

Could this man be Israel’s next prime minister?

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, have won a defamation lawsuit against an Israeli journalist over a Facebook post he wrote claiming that the first lady had booted the premier out of the car in an official convoy after a heated argument

An Israeli journalist has been ordered to pay Netayanhu and his wife for a ‘malicious and ugly’ Facebook post

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The 1967 Arab-Israeli war took six days. But 50 years later, it’s still not over.

A social media campaign to ban the screening of the upcoming Warner Brothers film "Wonder Woman" in Lebanese theaters claimed victory on Wednesday

Lebanon bans ‘Wonder Woman’ in protest against Israeli actress Gal Gadot

JERUSALEM — There were a several pivotal moments during President Donald Trump’s first state visit abroad but one that Israelis and Jews are likely to remember is his stop at one of Judaism’s holiest site — the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Trump’s controversial visit to the Western Wall and why it was so important to Jews