In a decade of booming tourism, EU aviation pact was the pivotal event in cutting airfares, boosting competition

How the Open Skies reform taught Israelis to love flying

Israel will hold an unprecedented third national election in less than a year, following the failure of political leaders to break the ongoing deadlock

Israel heads for unprecedented election

PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his main rival, Benny Gantz, have been unable to form majority coalitions

Israel will hold unprecedented third election in a year

International officials see contest as drawing board for chess development in Jerusalem, hailed in opening ceremony as 'capital of the world'; but plan needs government funding

Elite world chess event begins in Israel, as organizers seek opening for more

Lawmakers expected to vote on bill to hold election on March 2, 2020

Israel to hold unprecedented third election in a year after Knesset dissolves

Low graduation rate is sharp edge of sword in educational system where Arabs lag far behind their Jewish peers

Only 9 percent of Israeli Arab men complete undergraduate degrees

Short-lived 22nd Knesset automatically disperses at midnight, new election season kicks off, as political turmoil continues to engulf country

Israel calls another election for March, the third in a year

Israel’s parliament votes on Wednesday to dissolve itself in a fresh bid to break political deadlockIsrael’s parliamenthas approved a preliminary vote to dissolve itself, putting the country on the verge of an unprecedented third election in 12 months

Israel heads for unprecedented third election in a year as stalemate continues