As the Mediterranean region warms 20% faster than the global average, an ambitious government roadmap with 31 action points to help Israel adapt remains without funding

Long, intense and dangerous heat waves likely to become more common, expert says

Unsure of what's in store this fall more Americans delay matriculation hoping to 'ride out the wave' of the pandemic touring and studying Hebrew -- but may not gain entry to Israel

As colleges go virtual, US students head instead to Israel on gap year programs

Nearly 700 soldiers were killed during Israel's 18-year occupation of Lebanon; journalist Matti Friedman teamed up with the Kan broadcaster to tell their story

20 years after Lebanon pullout, docuseries dives into the ‘War With No Name’

Now streaming on Netflix, the show -- whose title is Hebrew for 'The Good Cop' -- turns the toxic masculinity associated with law enforcement on its head

Locked down? Open up to… satirical Israeli police series ‘Hashoter Hatov’

With some traveling from afar, premier's supporters claim he is 'pure and clean,' while others decry 'death of democracy' and claim leader must resign

Netanyahu trial divides Israelis, as rival rallies held in Jerusalem

Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in a courtroom in Jerusalem on Sunday on bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges -- the first prime minister of Israel in office to stand trial

Netanyahu appears in court on corruption charges

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Jerusalem's District Court on Sunday, denouncing the charges against him as his trial on corruption charges got underway

Netanyahu defiant as he arrives for start of trial