Israel's Health Ministry has said that 1,753 people were diagnosed with coronavirus on Friday, with another 632 since midnight on Saturday

Health Ministry: 1,753 diagnosed with coronavirus in one day

Rallies to be held outside PM's residences and at overpasses across Israel as part of ongoing protests against premier over his indictment on graft charges, handling of pandemic

Thousands expected to take part in anti-Netanyahu demonstrations

Detainees from central Israel, aged 17-22, taken in for questioning after 23-year-old man killed during brawl overnight

8 arrested over deadly stabbing in Rishon Lezion

Plane continues scheduled route after person tests positive for coronavirus during refueling stop in Ethiopia; Ashkenazi talks with Pompeo, other FMs about coronavirus fight

Member of Israeli virus research team in India confirmed infected on flight home

Some partnerships and families not recognized by Jerusalem authorities have been unable to unite for months, and the Israelis have begun to push for change in the halls of power

Together, alone: Israel’s closed borders, marriage rules forcing couples apart

Teacher shortage long predated the pandemic, but the issue has been exacerbated by the need to reduce the number of pupils gathered at any one time

To shrink classes amid COVID-19, Israel needs 15,000 teachers. It won’t be easy

A coach for the Oakland Athletics baseball team has apologized for using a gesture that looked like a Nazi salute to greet players after a team win, CNN reports

Oakland A’s coach apologizes for Nazi salute-like gesture

The top US counterintelligence official on Friday warned that Russia, China and Iran will all try to interfere in the 2020 presidential election, saying Russia is already trying to undercut presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden

US intel: Russia, China, Iran will try to interfere in election

TV cites assessment Nasrallah may have intended to use stockpile that caused port blast in 'Third Lebanon War', notes cases in Germany, UK where Hezbollah caught with same material

Israel TV: Hezbollah apparently wanted Beirut’s ammonium nitrate for Israel war

Who is the candidate who dramatically reduces the gap in terms of suitability to serve as PM?(Arutz Sheva"s North American desk is keeping you updated until the start of Shabbat in New York

Poll: Likud has fewer seats, but still on top