Sailing Association fires coach Pierre Loquet, citing his relationship with potential medalist Katy Spychakov; rival athletes now claim she got preferential treatment

Israeli Olympic windsurfing hopeful in choppy waters over affair with coach

Updated: Oct

In photos: Byzantine church excavated in Israel

If no contender can end political crisis, country will face third election in one yearIsrael’s president is expected to task the ex-military chief Benny Gantz with forging a government, after Benjamin Netanyahu failed to do so in the wake of an inconclusive September election

Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz to be asked to form government

Kais Saied won praise from supporters with strong statements against Israel, calling any ties with the Jewish state 'high treason'

New Tunisia president sworn in after rout in runoff vote

Amjad Jabareen of Umm al-Fahm was found guilty of helping three assailants plan the Jerusalem shooting that killed two policemen

Israeli Arab sentenced to 16 years in prison for abetting 2017 Temple Mount terror attack

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