Project for 9,000 homes at inoperative Atarot airport would take over last open area in East Jerusalem neighborhood that US envisions will house tourism center for Muslims

Israel advances housing plan in Jerusalem area Trump plan marks for Palestinians

Meanwhile, report claims Egypt persuaded Israel to hold off on assassinating Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and head of military wing, Marwan Issa

PM warns Hamas of ‘big surprise’ amid reports Israel planned to kill its leaders

Ministry says prime minister must be present at session, where indictment will be readThe corruption trial of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will begin on 17 March, two weeks after a national election, the justice ministry has said

Netanyahu trial to begin on 17 March, says Israel’s justice ministry

Israel tightens border restrictions to stem the coronavirus, but travelers returning from East Asia say they haven't been stopped and openly disregard home quarantine rules

Plagued by lax enforcement: 6 things to know for February 18

Netanyahu says authorities working to prevent outbreak of deadly virus in Israel, 'or to postpone it for as long as possible'

PM: ‘Israel perhaps better prepared than any other country’ for coronovirus