Premier sits mostly silent through opening hearing, face hidden behind face mask; confirms he has read graft charges against him, as hundreds rally outside Jerusalem District Court

Taking defendant’s bench, Netanyahu becomes first Israeli PM to stand trial

Israeli PM could face over a decade in prison if convicted in three separate casesDefiantly railing against attempts to “overthrow” him before donning a face mask to enter court, Benjamin Netanyahu sat for the first day of his high-profile corruption trial, which threatens to put Israel’s longest-serving leader behind bars and open deep divisions within the country

Benjamin Netanyahu appears in court on corruption charges

Young supporters of the Shiite terror group say they wish they'd fought against Israeli troops before pullout of military forces in 2000

20 years on, Israel’s Lebanon withdrawal inspires new Hezbollah recruits

The prime minister’s trial is expected to last a year or more, with the first witnesses not expected to testify for months

Netanyahu Corruption Trial Begins, Taking Israel Into Uncharted Territory

PM's allies claim the right-wing and the marginalized are in the dock with him; opponents say the rule of law is at stake; come the day, how will half the country handle defeat?

Israel riven over Netanyahu trial, but it’s the verdict that will test democracy