BEIRUT (Reuters) - Israeli jets flew low over the city of Saida in southern Lebanon on Sunday causing sonic booms that broke windows and shook buildings for the first time in years, security sources and residents said

Israeli jets break sound barrier in south Lebanon causing damage

Israeli jets have flown low over the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, causing at least one sonic boom

Israeli jet causes sonic boom over southern Lebanon

While Israeli warplanes reportedly fly over Lebanon regularly, they haven't damaged property by exceeding the speed of sound so low in years

Low-flying Israeli jets’ sonic booms damage homes in Lebanon, security sources say

Twelve Israeli startups are set to take part in London events this week as part of a British Embassy initiative

Israeli cyber-security firms seek to bolster defenses of UK banks, insurers

Businessman detained along with three associates over suspected tax fraud relating to mall development project

Supermarket mogul Rami Levy arrested on corruption charges

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - From an argument over dog poo to an alleged anti-Semitic caricature he posted on Facebook, Yair Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister's 26-year-old son, is courting controversy with his social media activity

Netanyahu’s son under fire over ‘anti-Semitic’ imagery on Facebook

Daily Stormer proclaims Yair Netanyahu a 'total bro' for posting image showing George Soros and reptilian manipulating his father's enemies

ADL pans Netanyahu’s son as neo-Nazis rejoice over ‘anti-Semitic’ meme

A businessman close to Yuval Steinitz and a former senior adviser to the minister were the latest to be questioned

Two figures close to Israel’s energy minister questioned in submarine affair