Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman related on his Facebook page to the renewal of the diplomatic process with the Palestinians

Liberman: Only solution is population and land swaps

Over 1,000 employees of ailing corporation will lose their jobs if new state broadcaster goes ahead as planned

Ahead of strike, Israel Broadcasting Authority workers interrupt news

Grieving for his beloved Israeli mutt, starting with the very first lie: ‘We’re not getting a dog’

Lies I told about my dog

Israeli border police shot dead a Palestinian who stabbed them at a police station in the old city of Jerusalem on Monday, police said

Palestinian attacker killed by Israeli police in Jerusalem

Jason Greenblatt is President Trump’s envoy for negotiating deals, and the Israeli-Palestinian situation is one that can become, if we believe the President, the mother of all deals

Dr. Josef Olmert: Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian Deal Will Present A Challenge For Netanyahu

Israeli police: Troops shoot, kill Palestinian assailant who stabbed 2 police officers in Old City in Jerusalem

Israeli police: Palestinian shot dead after stabbing attack

A Palestinian was killed by Israeli police on Monday morning in Occupied East Jerusalem after wounding two border guards with a knife, police said

Palestinian killed by Israeli police in East Jerusalem

Two Border Police officers were moderately wounded in a stabbing attack near Lions Gate in Jerusalem's Old City overnight on Sunday

Two Israeli police officers wounded in Jerusalem stabbing attack

Two German newspapers listed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as one of "the seven looniest dictators of the world”, angering the Israeli embassy in Germany, i24news reported Sunday

German media list Netanyahu as 'dictator'