JERUSALEM –  A high-profile group of Jewish leaders has cancelled a gala event with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to protest his government's decision to scrap plans for a mixed-gender prayer area at Jerusalem's Western Wall

Jewish group cancels meeting with Netanyahu in protest

Alon Day, 25, who trained via computer simulation until Israel got racing track, comes in 32nd out of 40

Israel’s first NASCAR driver completes debut race

Locals report additional errant fire on Golan from Syria; Israeli army searching area, but no confirmation yet after two days of cross border fire

For third day in a row, Israelis living in Golan Heights report more spillover from Syria

Explosions mark third time spillover fire from Syria hits Israel in as many days; no injuries reported

Mortar fire from Syria again lands in Golan Heights

Southern Quneitra province hit by deadly clashes between Assad's forces and opposition fighters amid Israeli strikes

Fighting intensifies in Syrian Golan Heights

Comes as most attention focused on Ramallah-based PA's cutbacks to Gaza’s electricity

Palestinian Authority prevents Gazans from leaving Strip for urgent medical treatment in Israel

London's Palestine Expo is one of the biggest Palestinian events in Europe; Organizer Friends of Al-Aqsa calls minister's accusation 'hearsay from a pro-Israeli lobby group'

British minister threatens to ax major Palestinian event over support for Hamas