Journalist and alleged Hamas activist Mohammed al-Qiq previously refrained from eating for 94 days to protest being held without charge

Palestinian prisoner ends hunger strike as Israel agrees to his release

“We will fight the partition with all our strength,” Jamal al-Husayni, deputy head of the Higher Arab Committee, wrote in December 1946

The 1948 war through Arab eyes

A 61-year-old rabbi died on Thursday after being struck by a car in Lakewood, New Jersey

Rabbi dies after being hit by a car in New Jersey

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said a truce in Syria is on the whole being observed, as he welcomed his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow, adding that he is cautiously optimistic about the prospects of a deal to end the six-year Syrian conflict

Putin and Erdogan vow cooperation to help end Syria war

President Donald Trump invited Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the White House during their telephone conversation on Friday, Abbas’s spokesman said

Trump invites Abbas to the White House

In their first call since inauguration, Trump stresses commitment to talks that lead to ‘real peace’ between Israel, Palestinians; Abbas speaks to Jordanian king ahead of conversation

Trump invites Abbas to White House ‘soon’ to discuss stalled peace process

Amalek is alive and well to this day and we must remember fight to destroy the remnants of Amalek from under the sun

A sober look at Amalek and Haman

Opposition leader and Zionist Union chairman Yitzhak Herzog, along with MKs Merav Michaeli, Yoel Hasson, Omer Bar-Lev, Amir Peretz, Ksenia Svetlova, Nachman Shai and Itzik Shmuli, participated on Friday in a Purim celebration held by the Zionist Union branch in Be'er Sheva

Herzog: Purim a 'light and hope for real change'

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