The Twitter account of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was reinstated a day after it was suspended following a tweet in which he called to “SHUT DOWN a few synagogues

David Duke calls to 'Shut down' Synagogues

Iranian musician with fatwa for his head says supporters of BDS have it wrong

Iranian rocker who performed in Israel: I’d die for peace

Israel kept its strong start to the World Baseball Classic going on Tuesday, following up its upset win over South Korea by blowing out Chinese Taipei

Israel Whips Chinese Taipei, Signaling Baseball Team Is No Fluke

Opponents of new anti-BDS measure describe it as ‘neither Jewish nor democratic,’ say it will further isolate Israel

Israel law banning entry to boycott supporters draws fire

Last October, a group of well-respected American intellectuals issued a petition calling for an economic boycott of Jewish settlements in the territories

The new anti-boycott law is anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish

The Palestinian Authority has named a children's summer camp after a venerated local heroine -- a terrorist who helped slaughter 37 innocent Israelis in 1978

PLO names youth camp after terrorist who murdered 37

150 meters of 2,000-year-old highway to be preserved on site for hikers on Israel National Trail

Ancient Roman roadway turns up near Beit Shemesh

The Times of Israel’s military correspondent discusses the repercussions of the publication and the possibility of a port in Gaza

Judah Ari Gross on the Gaza war report

The terror group has grown stronger and bolder, threatening Israel’s security and any chance of achieving peace

Hamas’s iron grip is the real threat