Action by the Israel Police and the Ministry of Industry in the city of El'ad has detected dangerous toys of various types, acquired ahead of the Purim holiday

Dangerous Purim toys seized in El'ad and Beitar Illit

Boarding school near Tel Aviv goes from theory to practice with high-speed simulated peace talks

Israeli, Palestinian students negotiate the ‘ultimate deal’

Foreign Ministry says it reconsidered decision to bar Omar Shakir but still has misgivings about his alleged anti-Israel bias

Lifting ban, Israel lets Human Rights Watch staffer in

Minister Gilad Erdan said, Tuesday morning, "Biased coverage against Israel in the international media creates a distorted reality rather than reflect what is happening

Erdan to media execs: You create a distorted reality

Research fellow Sarah Fainberg of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, who specializes in Russia, says that the upcoming meeting between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be different because Israel wants to be an integral part in the talks about the future redesign of Syria to prevent establishment of a permanent "Hezbollahstan" on its northeastern border

Expert: PM aims to block Hezbollah enclave in Syria

Vladimir Putin is often described as a canny poker player, taking advantage of his opponents' obvious weaknesses to make the best of the rather lousy cards Russia's dire situation has dealt him

With Russia meddling in U.S. affairs, Putin's in over his head

The CEOs, bankers, and tech titans of tomorrow are today’s internship applicants, and many of them are stumbling upon the realization that Israel is the best place to spend their summer internships

And they shall beat their swords into resumés

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel declared, Tuesday morning, that Israel should promote sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, claiming that he does not know of American opposition

'I have not heard the US oppose Israeli sovereignty'

Jewish News: Boris Johnson, in Jerusalem for talks with Netanyahu, Herzog, will also visit Peace Now campaigners

UK foreign secretary to meet anti-settlement group on Israel trip

Former president Richard D

'It is about reenergizing Zionism'